We are privileged to be partners with others who are serving Jesus Christ in different parts of the world. The organisations listed below are Christian ministries that we currently support both financially and in prayer, and we commend them to you as well.

Middle East Reformed Fellowship


Middle East Reformed Fellowship (MERF) is an evangelical Christian missionary organization which serves in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia on behalf of Reformed and Presbyterian Family of Churches and believers worldwide. MERF is engaged in encouraging and strengthening national churches with ministries of evangelistic outreach, church extension, biblical training and diaconal aid.

Christian Witness to Israel


Christian Witness to Israel in Australia has one main goal: to tell the Jewish people the good news about Jesus the Messiah. Their ministry focuses on Australia but it is also their desire to see Australian Christians sent out to reach Jewish communities worldwide.

Reach Beyond


For more than 75 years, Reach Beyond’s (Formally HCJB) Global passion has been making disciples of Jesus Christ. Using media and healthcare, Reach Beyond now have ministries in 100 countires. Through their radio broadcasts, the gospel is airing in hard to reach countries in more than 120 languages and dialects. The provision of health care and aid relief has seen thousands of their patients meeting Jesus. And nationals are being trained as missionaried, pastors, broadcasters and healthcare providers.

Mustard Seed Orphanage 

The Mustard Seed Orphanage in Myanmar has a critical ministry in caring for those affected by the difficult conditions in Myanmar, particularly women and children. In recent times this organisation has also been involved with training local pastors in their work in their own communities.

Life Ministries


Life Ministries is an interdenominational ministry that aims to provide resources to Christians to help them think through current issues from a Christian perspective. Their focus is on life – the sanctity of human life, the value of married life, and the necessity of new life.

The Richards Family

Richards_familyTom and Margaret, with their four children (Sam, Lucy, Tim & Annie), began ministry on the island of Tanna, Vanuatu in March, 2013.  There, Tom taught at the Southern Islands Presbytery Bible College and provided support to local mission workers.  At the start of 2018, they moved to Santo where Tom has taken up a position at the Talua Theological Training Institute, developing curriculum for the 6 certificate-level Presbyterian colleges in Vanuatu. Tom and Margaret are members of our church and Tom has been ordained to the gospel ministry by our Presbytery. Their devotion to Christ and to the people of Vanuatu is an inspiration for us all.

Wycliffe Bible Translators


Tim and Jane Letcher

Tim and Jane are involved in helping Aboriginal people engage with the Bible in Central Australia, through Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia.  Currently, they are working with Alyawarr Aboriginal people, 530 km north-east of Alice Springs.

Aiden and Alfinda Herman

Aiden and Alfinda Herman studied at Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia with the intention of serving among the Roma people in Eastern Europe. In December 2018 they completed their studies and returned to Perth to raise support and Lord willing plan to go into the mission field mid-2020.

Rob and Loralie Handesyde

Rob and Loralie Handesyde are planning to go to Papua New Guinea in 2020 and are currently raising support and receiving training. Rob is a helicopter pilot who is planning to serve Wycliffe Bible Translators by transporting Bibles and missionaries to remote areas in PNG.

Jews for Jesus

jews_for_jesus_logoFrom the Jews for Jesus website: We seek to relate to the church, asking for your prayers and financial participation. We need you to send us Jewish contacts and let us be an outsource to you in this regard especially. Many Christians who attend the local churches where we preach know Jewish people or work with colleagues who are Jewish. Our messages in churches are designed to help the believers know how to share with these friends, and to inspire them to do so. Christians also tell us that when they meet Jews who have found Messiah that they are encouraged that anyone can get saved!

Pregnancy Problem House                                   

Pregnancy Problem House specializes in  helping women and couples find solutions  when there are difficulties relating to a pregnancy. They offer non-judgmental understanding,  accurate information and personalized care.  All of their services are free, caring and confidential.

Trinity Theological College                                

Trinity Theological College is a non-denominational ministry training college that describes itself as “Christian, evangelical and reformed – in that order of importance.” It  aims to prepare people for effective Christian ministry that has the Lord Jesus Christ and His salvation at its heart, the Bible as its basis and serving people as its aim. The college offers both accredited degree courses and non-accredited certificates.

Perth Gospel Partnership                                

Our church is a partner with PGP whose primary vision is to advance the gospel in WA by equipping leaders, promoting evangelism & church planting, and connecting like-minded churches. Tim Thorburn currently serves as its Executive Director.