Soul Question Weekend

Soul Question Weekend

Join us for our annual Soul Question weekend from 7-8 April 2018! Saturday night Cafe evening is at 6:45pm, and our usual Sunday services (10am and 6pm) will also be geared towards outsiders. There will be a sausage sizzle on Sunday at 5pm for all who would like to have dinner together, and at the end of the 6pm service there will be an optional Question and Answer time. Our guest speaker is Steve McAlpine from Providence Church in Midland, and he’ll be talking on the issue of the soul:

The culture says our body is the most important thing about us.

It states that we, and only we, get to decide what we do with our bodies. In the midst of that Jesus’ sobering comments about the huge importance of the soul, indeed its eternal significance, fires a shot across our cultural bows. And if the man who has shaped history more than anyone else calls us to pay attention to the fate of our souls,, then perhaps we should take note of what he says.

Saturday Cafe style Evening:
Talk One: A Pragmatic Soul  (Matthew 16:24-28)
Sunday Morning Service:
Talk Two: A Persevering Soul (Matthew 10:26-33)
Sunday Evening Service:
Talk Three: A Prepared Soul  (Luke 12:13-21)


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