Men’s Convention

Men’s Convention

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Would anyone say we are ‘men of courage’?

It requires courage to follow Christ in the world that crucified him. It might not show itself in a dramatic act of courageous heroism, but it will be seen in countless acts of faithfulness. We are all called to be ‘Men of courage’.

Come and join with over 500 men as we spend a day together to hear God’s word, sing, and be encouraged. There will be three new Toolbox sessions, book reviews, a bookstall and time together with men from across Perth and W.A.

This year is the 18th Perth Men’s Convention, and we are delighted to have among us Gary Millar, pastor and author. Gary will be speaking to us from the book of Jeremiah, where the need for courage was critical; courage to be who God was calling his people to be while all those around were taking a different path. In other words, the same courage we need every day.



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