Christmas Advent Resources 2019

Christmas Advent Resources 2019

Christmas is not just a day, it’s a season!

And Christians throughout the ages have recognised that, remembering and anticipating the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ all through December, a time we call “advent” (a word that simply means “coming”). And so as we look back at his first advent, we anticipate his second advent: when our Lord returns in glory. It’s a time worth savouring, even more than Christmas pud!

With that in mind, we’ve put together a short list of worthwhile resources for children, families and adults that are worth considering this year during the month of December. Also check out our previous year’s posts on other options to consider.

If you are looking to purchase any of these books, Booko is a very helpful tool to find the best prices and delivery costs. Some of the books are also available as e-books.

1. Advent calendars / story books

A number of children’s Christmas storybooks have now been published with advent calendar companion books – two worth highlighting are “the Christmas Promise” (which can also be found in a colouring-in activity book version) and “The Littlest Watchman“. See the videos below for more information on those two books.

The Christmas Promise Advent Calendar
The Littlest Watchman
2. Advent Devotionals for kids
A Jesus Christmas

A Jesus Christmas – explore God’s amazing plan for Christmas! Each of the 25 readings for December leading up to Christmas look at how it has always been God’s plan to send Jesus. Simple and quick devotions, ideal for kids 4-10 yrs old. Also available in e-book format.

Beginning with God

Beginning with God at Christmas is another resource to consider – this booklet is intended as a companion to the Beginner Bible, which is aimed at younger children (ages 3-8) and it comes with stickers! While it only has eight stories in it, it makes for a great introduction into their bigger Beginning with God devotional booklets that run through the rest of the Beginners Bible. While the resources are obviously designed to go with the Beginners Bible, it is possible to do the devotions by using another children’s Bible and adapting it accordingly.

3. Advent Devotionals for adults

Repeat the Sounding Joy – a new resource for 2019 by Christopher Ash, based on Luke 1-2 and consisting of 24 readings. Also available as an e-book.

Love Came Down – by Sinclair Ferguson, this advent devotional was published in 2018, and takes a slightly different approach – it consists of 24 readings from 1Corinthians 13 on the theme of God’s love come down at Christmas time. Also available as an e-book.

Hidden Christmas – by Tim Keller. Not a devotional but a short book on the meaning of Christmas, focussing on the women in the genealogy in Matthew 1 and God’s grace in how he included them in the family line of Christ. A useful booklet that can be used evangelistically.