Easter Resources for Parents

Easter Resources for Parents

It’s getting close to Easter again and that means chocolate bunnies, easter eggs and hot cross buns! Well at least that’s what the shops think, and if we don’t say anything to our children, they’ll think the same thing too. As parents raising little disciples of Christ in our homes, we need all the help we can get, and Easter is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the gospel story together as a family.

So here are some great resources (in no particular order) that can help you to do that – some are free, some are available for purchase online, some you may even find in your local Christian bookstore.  What are you going to be doing to prepare your family (and yourself) for Easter?

1. Free Resources

I thought it best to start with the free stuff first because there’s nothing stopping you from downloading it right now 🙂 This blog has free devotional material that can be accessed via Dropbox, one on the Easter story in Matthew and the other in Luke, with some suggestions of extra craft activities to use as well.

A similar resource is this one that is an “easter advent”, using easter eggs with special items hidden in them for each part of the Easter story (and includes devotional material for different age categories). It starts on the Wednesday before Easter and ending on Monday, but be aware that there is some prep required (like shopping for craft items or particular sweets). Some of the weblinks pointing to colouring in pages are broken, but you should be able to do a google search for something similar.

2. The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross

This is more than an Easter story, it is the whole Bible story explained simply, with beautiful pictures, centred around the idea that sin separates us from God and that Jesus died and rose again to open the way for us to be friends with God again. A great book for kids under 10, and is also available as a colouring in activity book.

3. Mission Accomplished

A two week family easter devotional that fits perfectly into the school holidays this year! Starting on Palm Sunday, this family devotional not only unpacks the Easter story but also helps us to consider the implications of the Resurrection of Jesus in the week following Easter. This book can be difficult to get in the shops so if you want to get it before Easter order it online now.


4. Lost Sheep – Dave the Donkey

Dave the Donkey is an easter story that can be read online, or bought in print format. It’s a simple easter story for younger kids with bold (and often humorous) pictures. Lots of fun to read out loud, and if you buy the resources you get related worksheet content. It’s worth searching the site as there are also a few other stories related to Easter (as well as Christmas when the time comes).

5. XTB: Easter Unscrambled

XTB stands for eXplore The Bible and this particular Easter-themed edition is three weeks worth of devotional material for children aged 7-11 to do by themselves or as a families together (ages 4 and up). There are a number of these devotion booklets to pick up at other times in the year as well.