Resources for Family Devotions – Part 2

Resources for Family Devotions – Part 2

Continuing from our first post, here are some more recommended resources for family devotions:

  1. The Beginners Bible – Zonderkidz / Mission City Press
    beginbibleThis story book Bible is a great introduction to the basic storyline with simple text for each page. There is a ton of support material for this Bible, from colouring pages to DVD movie versions – see their website for more details and downloadable content. One companion resource that really adds value is a simple family devotion booklet Beginning with God (with stickers) that uses the text from the Beginners Bible and asks one or two simple questions and ends with a simple prayer.

  2. Mighty Acts of God – Starr Meade
    mightactsThis book features 90 stories from the Bible retold in child friendly language, followed by application and discussion questions. The stories are dramatic and engaging, and theological concepts are highlighted in the text. Note that since this is a retelling of the Bible story, some details in the original Bible text will be embellished upon for dramatic effect or to make it easier for children to understand.

  3. The Big Picture Interactive Bible Storybook – The Gospel Project
    bigpicinteractiveLike the Beginners Bible, this storybook Bible comes in various versions and features a companion mobile app. Some of the stories are linked to movie files (accessible through the mobile app). This particular version is one of the only Bible storybooks that tells the story of ALL the minor prophets (and not just the “easy” ones like Jonah). Each story is a faithful retelling of the original story, often quoting from the original text, and has a “Christ Connection” summary at the end of each study.

  4. First Catechism – Great Commission Publications
    firstcatThis book is designed to introduce children (and parents) to catechism using simple questions and answers. Based on the Westminster Shorter Catechism, it is an ideal foundation for children to learn from as they begin to talk, giving them concepts and categories that reflect biblical truth.

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