Resources for Family Devotions – Part 1

Resources for Family Devotions – Part 1

Looking for a few recommendations for family devotions and don’t know where to start? Here is a small selection of good resources to consider, from Bible story books to basic doctrine to an introduction to the catechism. Be sure to also check out our follow up article on further resources to consider.

  1. The Biggest Story – Kevin de Young & Don Clark
    thebiggeststoryThis book is an overview of the Bible’s entire redemptive storyline – beginning with creation and ending with the new creation – and centring on Jesus the “Snake Crusher”. It’s a lot to pack into 130 beautifully illustrated pages, so don’t expect a lot of detail. An animated 20 minute movie version is also available for purchase.

  2. Everything a Child Should Know about God – Ken Taylor
    everythingachildThis is not a Bible story book but a simple introduction to theology for pre-schoolers. The book is broken into various sections such as “What God has Done”, “The Problem of Sin” or “Why we go to Church”. Each page has 2-3 simple sentences to do with the topic in hand, and ends with a simple summary question. A good resource to complement (but not replace) children’s story Bibles.

  3. The Big Picture Story Bible – David Helm
    bigpicstoryThis is both literally and figuratively a big picture story Bible, telling the big story of the Bible using lots of cleverly linked pictures (and minimal text per page). Some sections can be a bit long for smaller children, but a useful and helpful resource in getting the big picture of the whole Bible. It also comes with companion resources such as an audio version and a family devotion booklet.

  4. The Ology – Marty Machowski
    ologyAnother introduction to theology but for older children, with beautifully illustrated pictures. From the publisher: “The Ology is a starting point to learning theology and aims to create a hunger and desire in children to learn more as they grow older”. Complementing this material is a music CD with catchy songs available for purchase and digital download.


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